To Those Who Wait
To Those Who Wait

In a world of increased technological dependence and decreased attention span, what is still worth our time?

Short Piece (25 mins)

Tongue in cheek and through a process of deceleration, To Those Who Wait questions the value of our time. Undulating through space, three figures lull the audience into a simultaneously lucid and dreamlike state, encouraging them to slow down and confront their need for speed. Flirting at the border of climax and pulling at the edges of refrain, To Those Who Wait strikes a blow to the heart of our hyper saturated world. 

CHOREOGRAPHY Declan Whitaker PERFORMANCE Simea Cavelti, Lucia Gugerli, Celina Liesegang TECHNICAL DIRECTOR David Baumgartner SPECIAL THANKS TO Riccardo Tarocco PHOTO Flurin Bertschinger

PRESENTED IN THE FRAME OF TanzPlan Ost (St.Gallen, Zürich, Triesen, Schaffhausen, Ziegelhütte, Steckborn)