Question Kiosk
Question Kiosk

Ask a question, receive a performative answer!

Instant composition offline/online (time variable)

Question Kiosk is an innovative format that allows for interactions and dialogue. In its analog form, questions are received in public spaces from passers-by and intuitively performed in a marked area. In its digital design, Question Kiosk 2.0 allows anyone to remotely submit a question to The Field. Regardless of the configuration, the main focus remains on facilitating a discourse and reflection with citizens.

CONCEPT The Field in collaboration with Monica Gillette PERFORMANCE Maria Demandt, Lucia Gugerli, Pierre Piton, Declan Whitaker, Mirjam Jamuna Zweifel  ARTISTIC COORDINATION Marisa Godoy, Romain Guion PHOTO Did Schaffer

PRESENTED IN THE FRAME OF ZÜRICH TANZT, summer program Kunsthaus Zürich, Tanzfest Winterthur 2022
SUPPORT Tanzhaus Zürich, BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation, Migros Culture Percentage, Landis & Gyr Foundation